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Cars of Friends & Coworkers

Some of the cars, trucks, & a bike at the former work place.
Cars lined up Cars lined up Harley Davidson Mustang
Cobr AMC Javelin Nova S10 ZR2

old place Muscle cars at my former work place.

Eastlake cruise-in A coworker's Nova, a friend's '55 Chevy, & my GN at an Eastlake cruise-in.
V8 Corvair 1965 Chevrolet Corvair with a 383 in³ v8.
1953 and 1940 Fords 1953 and 1940 Fords.
BMW with sidecar 1973 BMW with sidecar.
Newport A neat cruiser in Detroit driven by a good friend.
Lightning A former coworker's 2004 Ford Lightning.
Main Page