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Turbo 6 logo Buick Turbo Regal Home Page - Anything and everything anyone would want to know about Buick turbo Regals.

Turbo 6 logo - A good forum for Buick turbo Regals. Also, the Turbo Trans Am and the supercharged Regal and the Grand Prix.

Turbo 6 logo - Another forum for Buick turbo Regals.

Turbo 6 logo Turbo 6 Power - Yet another forum for Buick turbo Regals.

Buick GS Club of America. - An automotive site with various equations for  horsepower, gearing, etc. Technical articles & featured cars too.

WJ's 4x4 & Offroad Home Page - Good technical & other relevant information on 4x4s. & - A couple of decent forums for GM trucks.  - An interesting site for 4x4s with pictures and information.

KaleCo Auto Parts - Your home of the hard-to-find bits and pieces! Includes muffler bearings, cross drilled brake lines, etc.

Carlisle - Home to one of the larger car shows and swap meets in the country.

Akron Sports Car Club

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Lists of recalls, titles & summaries of technical service bulletins, etc.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides - New and used car and truck prices including dealer cost and retail prices.

Motorweek  - An excellent automotive show.

SAE International - Society of Automotive Engineers

SEMA  - Specialty Equipment Market Association. Includes links to all kinds of automotive related sites.


Some of our local college stations can be heard on the internet, WCSB 89.3 FM , WJCU 88.7 FM , & WRUW 91.1 FM .
   Notable shows include the following
      Sunday, 2p-5p eastern, WCSB, "Bocskai Radio - The Voice of Hungary"
      Sunday, 6p-7p eastern, WCPN, "Hungarian"
      Friday, 9:30p-12a eastern, WJCU, "Music to Break Things By" (The absolute best punk show!!!)
      Saturday, 11a-12:30p eastern, WCSB, "Kapossy Hungarian Program"

Here's a good list for punk bands:  The Punk Page.

Hostile Omish Hostile Omish at Hostile Omish

Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival and at

At No End and at

Nomeansno and at

Killer Klown The Dickies - Cool punk band. Excellent live show in small clubs.

Billy Childish - including Thee Headcoats, Headcoatees, Mighty Caesars, Milkshakes, & all other associations. Great punk and garage type music.

Bad Chopper - CJ Ward (Ramone)'s current band.

Southern Culture on the Skids .

Gillan Ian Gillan  - Deep Purple 's front man. Had a wild band during his solo career.

Bernie Tormé - Gillan's guitarist for a while. Had some good solo stuff too. Great Noise.

Penn & Teller

J.R. Bob Dobbs Church of the Subgenius - Religion as it should be. Bizarre and hilarious. Prepare us for the day of reckoning when the alien sex goddesses save the members and destroy everyone else. Praise BOB!

The Cleveland Cinematheque  - Cleveland's alternative film theatre, a part of the Cleveland Institute of Art.  - Home of the Happy Tree Friends . Twisted animation.

Spike and Mike Online!  - Home of the Festival of Animation and Sick and Twisted.

Movie reviews are available from Mr. Cranky .

The best movie critic: Joe Bob Briggs .

The Red Green Show  - The ultimate handy man.

News, Editorials, and Blogs

Russia Times

Patrick J. Buchanan right from the beginning.

Council of Conservative Citizens

American Free Press Newspaper

World Net Daily

Full coverage news at Yahoo!

Foundation for Economic Education

Technology Commerce Society

America News Journal - A MoveOff Site

USS Liberty Memorial - One of many sites describing an interesting and disasterous event.

Government & Politics

Libertarian Party & Libertarian Party of Ohio - An alternative party that supports the US Constitution.

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation : Honor the Victims of Communism and Those Who Love Liberty.

House of Terror - A museum in Budapest, Hungary that is well worth visiting.

Keep track of your elected official's activities with Thomas and Project Vote Smart .

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul - Rep. from Texas and former Libertarian presidential candidate.

Cato Institute - Generally a Libertarian think tank.

Reason Foundation - Organization that generally advocates privatization and free enterprise.

Set your clocks to the U.S. Naval Observatory's Master clock.

M14 with Advantage Camo stock
Marv the Martian with a CAR15 - Information on the AR15. Also at - Similar to with plenty of information on the AK47.

Glock Talk - A forum for Glock enthusiasts.

Ohians For Concealed Carry

rec.guns FAQS - with all kinds of facts, links, movie mishaps, sound files, etc.

A nice web site dedicated to the Makarov and its variants is The Makarov Page.

Fulton Armory presents information on the AR15, M14, M1 Rifle, and M1 Carbine.

We can't forget the darling of the general media, the National Rifle Association. The organization that promotes the shooting sports.

And a finer organization is Gun Owners of America.

Buckeye Firearms Association

For the collector there is the Ohio Gun Collectors Association .

For getting a firearm refinished/coated check out S & J Refinishing.

Hungarian flag Here's a neat Hungarian-English dictionary.  Magyar cimer

The following sites provide history, culture, foods, and other descriptions of Hungary.

Hungarian Heritage Museum in Cleveland, OH.

Hungarian Home Page


Hungary Tourism Board, Hungarian travel Budapest vacation information - Hungarian History

House of Terror - A museum in Budapest that is well worth visiting.



Digital Creations by Hal Pittaway and at

The Katzmeow  - A friend's blog. A Compilation of Musings on Various Matters.

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