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Buicks In Literature
Last Update: June 23, 2010

         Here is a list of books, magazine articles, and other pieces I've accumulated over the years covering Buicks. Most of this deals primarily with the turbo V6 Buicks. Anyone is welcome to link to it or make a copy of the list but I ask that a proper reference to this site be included along with the list if it is posted.



          This is a list of magazine articles I've accumulated over the years. The majority of the articles cover the Buicks with the turbocharged V6. Also, I would like to thank jsta6 for many articles. The jsta6 references are in green text.
         Many of the original publishers of the various magazines are noted with the magazine title. Although, over the years many have been absorbed by Primedia, Inc.

Automobile Magazine
Primedia, Incorporated, ISSN 0897-8360 AutoWeek
Crain Communications Incorporated, ISSN 0192-9674
Car and Driver
Hachette Magazines, Incorporated, ISSN 0008-6002
Car Craft
Peterson Publishing Company, ISSN 0008-6010
Cars Hot Street & Strip
Cars Illustrated - Schneider Performance Series
CSK Publishing Company, Incorporated
Ceramic Bulletin
The American Ceramic Society, ISSN 0022-7812
GM High-Tech Performance
Primedia, Incorporated, ISSN 1523-9454
Guide to Muscle Cars
Argus Publishers Corporation, ISSN 0895-6782
High Performance Pontiac

Hot Rod
Peterson Publishing Company, ISSN 0018-6031

Modern Musclecars
CSK Publishing Company, Incorporated

Motor Trend
Peterson Publishing Company, ISSN 0027-2094


Muscle Car Review
Primedia, Incorporated, ISSN 0891-4796

MuscleCars - Schneider Performance Series
CSK Publishing Company, Incorporated

Popular Cars
McMullen & Yee Publishing, ISSN 0746-7591
Popular Hot Rodding
Argus Publishers Corporation, ISSN 0032-4523
Popular Mechanics
Hearst Corporation, ISSN 0032-4558
Popular Science
Time4 Media, Incorporated, ISSN 0161-7370
Road and Track
Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Incorporated, ISSN 0035-7189

Street & Strip Supercar (Cars Illustrated Special Edition)
CSK Publishing Company, Incorporated

Super Stock & Drag Illustrated
Lopez Publication, ISSN ?
Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance
Mag-Tech Productions Incorporated, ISSN 0894-5039
Ward's Auto World
Primedia, Incorporated, ISSN 0043-0315
Wheelbase Communications

ACP Publishing Pty Ltd, ISSN ?

Cleveland Plain Dealer



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