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1987 Buick Grand National

OEM Specifications OEM Options Service History
Modifications More Pictures Buick Literature
Here's my Grand National.
1987 GN, Launching at the drag strip

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Front view Front Angle View Side View Rear Angle View
Rear View Dash Wheel 3.8L turbocharged V6
engine after overhaul tire smoke View of Drag Strip

More pictures with details of the modifications are available by clicking on the button below.
Animated burnout
More Pictures

Current Status (06/23/10)

The car is fully operational. In 2006 the transmission was refreshed with a few more heavy duty pieces added. The 206°camshaft was replaced with a 214° duration and higher lift unit. The stall on the Vigilante torque converter was increased. It went from a #0 pump (~2800 rpm stall) to a #6 pump (~3200 rpm stall). The 55 lb/hr fuel injectors were replaced with 72 lb/hr injectors. Lastly, to keep it straight on the launch an HRpartsNstuff rear antisway was installed. Everything has to be checked out yet. The car is roadworthy. I've taken it easy by driving it and going to cruise-ins and car shows. It should be out at the drag strip eventually. Also, I'd like to thank the people at Quad Air, Janice Transmission, and Weber Racing Equipment.

   The car was ordered April 14, 1987. After a long wait it arrived July 27, 1987. The car ran 14.6 second standing start ¼ mile times in 90+°F weather with 92 octane gasoline and the original Goodyear Eagle GT tires (no traction). That was bone stock. The other pages in this section are as follows
  • OEM Specs. - These are the original specifications for the vehicle as it was manufactured. Specifications for the engine, chassis, suspension, etc.
  • OEM Options - A description of the various options available with codes and original costs.
  • Service History - A list of problems encountered, since owning the vehicle, including the fixes.
  • Modifications - A presentation of the parts added and modifications performed to improve the overall performance. Initially, without going into the engine, the various modifications brought the standing start ¼ mile times down to a best of 12.19 seconds with a trap speed of 110.4 mph. Since then, the drivetrain has been completely redone with extensive modifications. So far, the car covered the standing start ¼ mi. in 11.203 seconds with a trap speed of 121.9 mph.
  • More Pictures - More detailed views and descriptions of the modifications.
  • Buick Literature - A list of magazine articles I've accumulated over the years. Primarily dealing with the turbo V6 Buicks.
The car has 62 kmi. on it with approximately 300 runs at the dragstrip.


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GMC Sierra page Ford Ranger page Olds Cutlass page

OEM Specifications OEM Options Service History
Modifications More Pictures Buick Literature

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