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1987 Buick Grand National
Parts Pictorial

    The drivetrain has been put through a major overhaul in preparation for the next level of performance. Currently, the engine and transmission are back in the car. A few more minor items have to be addressed yet. The following pictures, with their descriptive links, present components and modifications the car has to improve the ¼ mi. performance and overall handling. In general, I'm going by suggestions from Red Armstrong of Quad Air but many of the changes are similar to the modifications presented on the Buick Turbo Regal Recipe Page .

Click on a thumbnail below to view a larger image with comments and descriptions.

The engine and its components.
Reinforced main bearing caps Short block Roller cam parts roller rocker arms
TE45A turbocharger Passenger side view of Buick turbocharged V6 Driver side view of Buick turbocharged V6 compact starter
transmission w/Vigilante torque convertor engine being installed

Various modifications and parts.
stainless steel exhaust cutout stainless steel exhaust cutout line lock and adjustable proportioning valve battery in trunk
Prompaq EEPROM selector double pumper fuel pump Eaton differential differential cover
12 in disk brake liquid intercooler system

Comparison of CNC ported and stock heads.
Champion head exhaust side Champion head intake side Champion head chambers
Stock head exhaust side Stock head intake side Stock head chambers

Comparison of ATR and stock exhaust headers.
ATR header, pass. side ATR exhaust header, drive side
stock header, pass. side stock exhaust header, drive side

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